Magnum Plus Mirror


Magnum Plus Mirrors position the mirror head outward 2" farther than our Magnum mirrors. Magnum Plus mirrors are available with your choice of glass. In addition to the standard flat glass, which allows a larger image, but a narrower field of view, a convex version is also available. Available in small or large head with long stem. The advantages of convex, reduced image mirrors are two-fold. First, one has a wider field of view with this style mirror, although the image you see does appear smaller, or farther away. Secondly, on solid engine mount bikes, vibration has less of a distorting effect with a convex mirror.


  • Chrome finish
  • Adds style to your Triumph
  • Hardware included
  • Sold individually

Note: Mirror adapters AC01-010 or BC201-002K are required to mount mirrors on Triumph motorcycle.