Gold 520 Chain 102 Link


This cut-to-length chain kit for the Triumph Street Twin has one of the most innovative performance chains available: D.I.D’s 520 ZVM-X Chain. What makes the ZVM-X series chain so revolutionary and high-performing is their patented X-Ring. Each chain is fitted with an X-Ring instead of a bland ol’ O-ring, which provides four points of contact to drastically reduce friction by twisting between the side plates to better disperse pressure and minimize power loss. The X-Rings are also extraordinarily good at keeping oil in and sealing dirt out, extending the life of your chain dramatically. The X-Ring also provides increased rigidity, delivering better power transfer to the wheel.


  • Revolutionary X-Ring, reducing power loss and improving chain life over standard O-ring chains
  • Improved rigidity
  • Smooth handling
  • Better at sealing out dirt
  • Comes with master link
  • Already cut to length, eliminating the guesswork for you