Fender Eliminator Underplate - Liquid Cooled


Installed a fender eliminator kit, but something doesn't seem right? Using an undertail kit will help you get the cleanest possible setup when eliminating your fender. The Fender Eliminator Undertail Kit protects the underside of your tail section from debris your tire may fling up, and keeps your motorcycle's lines sleek. It's also easy to install, and will give your bike a refined look. Don't overlook anything when you're personalizing your motorcycle. Clean up your motorcycle's tail section with a Fender Eliminator Under tail Kit.


  • Completes your fender elimination kit
  • Protects underside of tail section Sleek, meticulous looks

What's in the box:

  • Fender Eliminator Underplate
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

NOTE: Only works on Liquid Cooled Modern Classic models