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15t Countershaft Sprocket


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15t Countershaft Sprocket

Highway cruising on your Scrambler can get a bit buzzy at speed. Its ok to admit that you’ve tried to click up another gear when hitting the highway -- we’ve done it too. To make interstate travel a smoother af-fair, Corsa Moto has engineered a lightweight countershaft sprocket that allows riders to easily adjust their gearing ratio.

Gearing Basics:
Going up one tooth from your bike’s stock configuration is a great alter-native for freeway or long distance riding. Changing the number of teeth on your countershaft sprocket has the same effect as changing your rear sprocket by two teeth. If you are looking for more get up and go out of hole, drop down a tooth. The lower the tooth, the faster out of the hole, more push off the line, and less top end (top speed).


  • Changes gearing performance
  • CAT plated with lightening holes to provide a lower weight
  • 8620 Case-hardened, plated steel
  • Drilled for looks and weight savings
  • Made in USA