Classic Front Brake Rotor


Whether you do high-performance riding or you just like to go out for cruises, braking power is absolutely critical. That's why Beringer developed their new Aeronal rotors, to give you what you need when you need it. Made from stainless steel and fitted to an aluminum hub, the Beringer Aeronal Front Brake Rotors have considerably more stopping power than stock brake rotors, and yet are 20% lighter. They mount directly to the wheel, and replace your OEM front brake rotors. The rotors are also significantly thinner than stock rotors, cutting down appreciably on gyroscopic inertia. When you need to stop, you need to stop. Make sure you have the brake setup that will always be there for you with Beringer's Aeronal Front Brake Rotors.


  • Includes stainless steel rotors with aluminum hub
  • Considerably better braking power, while 20% lighter
  • Manufactured from aerospace-grade materials
  • Mounts directly on to the wheel, and replaces the OEM front brake rotor