Vanson Leather Jackets available from British CustomsVanson Leathers is an American institution. They've been producing Handmade Custom Motorcycle Jackets at their workshop in Fall River, Massachusetts since 1974. Every piece is cut and sewn by hand one at a time utilizing the best raw materials available. Vanson blends traditional craftsmanship with the new innovations to pass on pride of ownership to each customer. There are no compromises in the quality and design of a Vanson Leathers product. Each and every jacket is serialized and a complete record of the patterns used in the making of the jacket are saved forever. A Vanson jacket is able to be repaired, maintained, restored or alters whatever the age or condition.

      These jackets are an investment.

      Motorcycles Jackets should offer protection from the elements and in the event of a mishap, from the road. They should allow for proper air flow and ventilation. They should fit comfortably and correctly. They should also have style. Vanson Leathers does not compromise on any of these key criteria. 

      Vanson offers a wide array of styles and looks to suit most situations. To assist you in your search for the perfect Motorcycle Jacket, British Customs has partnered with Vanson to offer a select number of Jackets that match the style and quality of your Triumph Motorcycle.

      Vanson Leathers are handmade to order. Expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. However, they are well worth the wait and will last a lifetime.

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