Mule Swingarm Spacers

Mule Swingarm Spacers


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Back in the late 70's and early 80's, street motorcycles were going through an evolution--from mass produced streetbikes to competent race track worthy Superbikes. Most of the work that an aspiring weekend competitor or factory race shop would focus on was eliminating undesirable side play, loose clearances, flex, and poor workmanship in areas where the factories were looking for accelerated manufacturing times and ease of assembly. This is not a criticism.

Bikes were getting better and better every year. Engineers at the factory were gradually tightening everything up, primarily in the areas of chassis and suspension components. Everybody was learning faster and faster. But, during this period of transition, racers wanted results IMMEDIATELY! They didn't want to wait until the next model year to see what had improved. Therefore, many fixes, solutions and remedies had to be adapted.

In a never ending quest for large and even small improvements, the swingarm pivot spacers are one area of excessive clearance that should be addressed. Today, in the world of clearances, .002" where the pivot bolt goes through the engine, is a nice slip fit with no perceptible "slop". However, the spacers that go through the foot peg mounting plates (that by the way, are the only thing that secures the back half of the frame) have a clearance of about .055".

So, we designed a new spacer with about a .003-005" clearance. Also made from aluminum! Weight savings, tightened clearance, world domination! Well, this won't actually turn your bike into a Ducati 1198, but it's one of many small, gradual details that over time contribute to a muchly improved overall package, that will go where you point it.


  • Designed by legendary custom motorcycle builder Richard Pollock
  • Reduces play in the swingarm amount from 0.055” to 0.003"
  • Tightens chassis for improved bike feedback
  • Lighter weight than OEM
  • Made from quality solid billet aluminum
  • Made in USA

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