Performance Shock Absorbers for Thruxton 1200

by Noleen

British Customs has partnered with Clark Jones of Noleen J6 Technologies to produce performance suspension products specifically for the needs of Triumph Modern Classic riders.

These Shocks are made specifically for the Triumph Thruxton 1200. They are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride in varying conditions while boosting rider confidence with stable, predictable braking and handling through corners. The R&D process included exhaustive testing on track, open road, and in the lab to provide the maximum quality and performance upgrade to your Modern Classics' suspension.

The low profile, minimalist appearance of the shocks complements the cafe styling of the bike. Ready to go right out of the box and perfectly set up for riders ranging from 140-220lbs. These shocks come with a 60 Day Set Up Guarantee from Noleen. If you are not happy with the shocks, the shocks will be re-valved and the spring rate will be adjusted to achieve your desired results.


  • 6061 T6 Aluminum body
  • 4130 Chromoly shaft
  • 13.5" Shock Length
  • Fully serviceable and rebuildable
  • 60 Day Set Up Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Common Questions:
Other shocks are available at different heights. Can you order these shocks in different heights?

Yes, by special order. We offer them at one height setting for a reason. These shocks are designed specifically for the Thruxton 1200 to make the bike ride comfortably, handle well when braking, and to maintain traction in turns. These are set at a height that was determined to achieve these results. If you wish to special order a set as a different height, please contact us.

I am a shorter rider, can these shocks help me fit the bike to my frame?

While a shorter shock can lower the bike for a shorter rider, this may also require shortening the forks to balance the bike. The height they are produced at is designed to provide the best results for this model. 

I am a taller rider, can these shocks help me to better fit the bike to my frame?

For taller riders, we do not recommend changing the height of the shock. Taller riders are better served by making adjustments to the handlebars and/or footpegs in order to "fit" the bike to their frame.

What is the 60 Day Set Up Guarantee?

If you are not happy with the performance of the shocks, you can send them in for a re-valve and spring rate adjustment to achieve your desired results.