Leather Moto Bag


Handmade side bags constructed from Organic Veg-Tanned leather are the staple of Gold Tree Pacific. Constructed by hand here in U.S.A., they provide a durable and vintage inspired storage solution for your classic styled bike. Multiple straps of the same durable material are used to keep you bag secured to the frame at speed. With a canvas lining containing two interior pockets and a separate exterior pocket big enough for the average smart phone, you'll soon find that this nifty Moto Bag was built to help you tell your own story.

Universal style straps enable the bag to mounted to your preference. 

The product requires 3-5 days processing time prior to shipment. Sells out on regular basis. 


  • Organic Veg-Tanned Leather
  • High quality materials
  • Handmade in USA
  • Two interior canvas lined pockets

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