The Pioneer Bud Ekins
Bud Ekins is the Godfather of the Modern Classic movement. He is the guy that jumped the Triumph into the barb wire fence in "The Great Escape." The guy that built Steve McQueen's Desert Sleds, and the guy that saw raw talent in a 16 year old upstart from Palmdale.
Legend Series: Hare & Hound Races And Hare Scrambles
Hare & hound races and hare scrambles were some of the most popular off-road races during the 50s, 60s, and 70s where many motorcycle legends began.
Drawing A Line In The Salt Bonneville Salt Flats
The Bonneville Salt Flats are home to the annual Speedweek, where many legends have vied for the title of being the fastest person on earth.
Origins of the Café Racer The Ton Up Boys
Ton-Up Boys were one of the most influential and widespread subcultures in motorcycle history. If you don’t know them by that name, then you probably know them as the original cafe racers.
Isle of Man TT
The Isle of Man TT is the longest running motorcycle race in the world, and arguably the most challenging because it is indisputably the most dangerous.
Legend Series: Skip Van Leeuwen The King Of Steeplechase
Skip Van Leeuwen was considered the best TT Steeplechase rider in AMA history, and over his highly successful career as a Triumph rider won multiple AMA nationals and numerous West Coast regional championship titles. Van Leeuwen was born in Iowa...
Ascot Park Where Legends Were Forged
Ascot Park was an infamous dirt track in Gardena, California known to host some of the most challenging and competitive races in the country.
Sammy Tanner The Flying Flea
Sammy Tanner was one of the AMA’s best flat trackers from the late 50s through the end of the 60s. He won seven AMA nationals, and was a local hero at the legendary Ascot Park. He was known as The...
The Legendary Ace Café
The Ace Cafe was built in 1938 as a roadside cafe to cater to travelers on the newly-built North Circular Road. Since it was open 24 hours and also close to the new arterial network where speed limits were higher, it quickly started attracting motorcyclists. 
Four Guys, Four Laps, For All the Marbles Speedway Racing
For the record, bikes often get up to 80 miles per hour in the corners during these races. The only controls they have are the throttle, clutch, and handlebars.
Checkered Past The Notorious Checkers MC

The Checkers Motorcycle Club has been accused of many things in the decades since its founding in 1950, but one thing cannot be denied: they are the winningest club in off-road motorcycle racing.

The Triple Crown's Jewel The Ascot TT
“You can’t say you’re a motorcycle racer until you’ve ridden Ascot, and you can’t say you’re a champion motorcycle rider until you’ve conquered it,” - Kenny Roberts
Legend Series: The Peoria TT The Midwest's Great Race
The Peoria TT is known to be one of the more exhilarating races in the circuit. The track is ⅝ of a mile long, and features a notably long front stretch and a long turn one. Coming out of turn one is a jump with a blind landing that has to be hit at speed—which is a terrifying move in and of itself. Due to the challenging nature of the track, and the caliber of racers who competed there, the Peoria TT has rightly earned its place in the AMA’s history of premier races.
Legend Series: Sunny Nutter

"In the 70s, Sonny found that he was best in the "brakeless" speedway races. He was so good at them he was able to make a regular living off the winnings, and raised a family while racing five nights a week at the local Southern Californian circuits."


Legend Series: Eddie Mulder
"When you got out on the track, the green flag dropped, and the bullshit stopped,"