Dimitri Coste (@motelcoste)
If you've been following the custom motorcycle scene on Instagram for some time, you've probably come across Dimitri Coste. He can be found under the handle @motelcoste. He is a photographer by trade and a motorcycle racer by passion. His unique style and talent is on display in everything that he does. We caught up with him on a recent trip to California...
Kin Lam founder of Astroscrambler
Interview with the founder of Astroscrambler
Ryan Phillips
Ryan grew up riding dirt bikes but when his life got too busy (marathon touring with his band Story of the Year, getting married and having two kids), Ryan sold his last dirt bikes. After things settled down, he wanted to get back on two wheels. For him, a custom Triumph Scrambler was the answer. 
The Equilibrialist
An interview with the founder Neo, of the Equilibrialist, on how the idea was conceived back in 2013, starting off on a Biltwell Gringo, his inspiration and what riding a motorcycle means to Neo.
Ride with Clayton Bellamy
"As fate would have it we were talking about first aid and the Heimlich maneuver when Travis looked across the restaurant and yelled out “SIR ARE YOU CHOKING” to all our surprise at the table and the staff the lonely gambler was choking badly! Travis and I ran to the man’s aid, I proceeded to administer first aid until his blockage had cleared while Travis directed me yelling “Hit him again Clay”! until the man was breathing again. Zach gave him a gentle belly rub until he settled down and we shook hands and headed back to our rooms in utter disbelief an the series of events…"
Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles
"I started out just riding and breaking bikes, which naturally lead to working on them. After fixing them came attempting to make them better, then building them from scratch. The more you do, the better you get and most importantly, learn who to listen to. Listen to criticism. A fresh set of eyes is critical to learning. You’ve got the rest of your life, be patient and do things right. Your bike will come out a lot better."
Max Duff of Death Collective
"I’m a pretty chill guy, so the first question people usually ask is "What’s up with the dark name? The answer to that question dates back to November 2011, and it’s the reason why Death Collective exists."
The Renaissance Man Chippa Wilson
"I remember watching flat track races on TV with my dad when I was a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing. After seeing those, I knew I had to get into it myself."