How to Install Cateye Fender Eliminator Air Cooled Triumph

How to Install Cateye Fender Eliminator Air Cooled Triumph

Publish Date: 12/05/2019

Thank you for choosing the British Customs Cateye Fender Eliminator Kit. This British Customs product has been designed and tested to fit the following air cooled Triumph Motorcycles: 

  • Triumph Bonneville/T100 (2001-2016)
  • Triumph Bonneville SE/Mag (2009-2015)
  • Triumph Scrambler 900 (2006-2017)
  • Triumph Thruxton 900 (2004-2016)

Kit Contents:

  1. (1) Cateye Fender Eliminator License Plate Mount for Air Cooled (410-008-P)
  2. (1) Fender Eliminator Under Plate for Air Cooled (410-022)
  3. (1) Tail Light Wiring Harness for Air Cooled (501-045)
  4. (1) Cateye Taillight (S=Smoke, C=Clear, R=Red)
  5. (2) M6-1.0x35 Socket Cap Screw
  6. (2) M6-1.0x25 Socket Cap Screw
  7. (6) M6-1.0 Nylock Nut
  8. (8) M6 Fender Washer
  9. (4) M6-1.0x16 Button Head Screw
  10. (4) M6 Lock Washer
  11. (4) M6-1.0 Acorn Nut
  12. (6) M6 Washer
  13. (1) License Plate Frame


1 - Remove the seat

2 - Disconnect the battery

3 - Disconnect the tail light wiring connector from the main harness

4 - Remove (4) fasteners that secure the rear fender to the subframe and remove the rear fender and taillight assembly.  


1 -  Install supplied M6x25 mm Socket Cap Screws and (2) M6 Fender Washers onto the backside of the front mounting points of the Fender Eliminator Underplate.  

British Customs Fender Eliminator Kit Triumph Bonneville

2 - Loosely secure the Fender Eliminator Underplate with the supplied M6 Washer and M6 Nylock nuts. Use the front fender mounting points.

3 - Install Cateye Tail Light onto the Fender Eliminator Cateye License Plate Bracket.

4 - Install the supplied M6x35 mm into the rear fender mounting points

5 - Secure the taillight grommet onto the fender eliminator plate and secure the fender eliminator underplate using the supplied M6 Fender Wash and M6 Nylock Nuts. 

6 - Install M6 Washer onto the M6 Nylock Nuts installed in step 5.  

7 - Install BC Cateye Fender Eliminator License Plate and secure with supplied M6 Fender Washers and M6 Nylock Nuts

8 - Tighten the front Fender Eliminator Mounting Hardware that was installed in step 2. Reposition relay on to the mounting bracket.

9 - Install BC AirCooled Harness and connect the main harness

10 - Install the supplied head shrink onto the main harness.

11 - Connect BC Air Cooled Harness to the Cateye Tail Light. Using a heat gun seal the connection with supplied heat shrink. 

12 - Connect the battery and verify the brake and running light is working correctly.  If you have issues repeat steps 1-10. 

13 - Install the seat