CRG Bar End Mirror Kit Weekend Project

We get a lot of questions about mirrors. It is a very simple install with the right components; but what are the right components? In this article we will introduce our new CRG Folding Bar End Mirror Kit and demonstrate the installation on a 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler. These steps should be the same or similar on the Street Twin, Street Cup, and Thruxton R.


Included with the kit:

  • CRG Folding Bar End Mirror(s)
  • Bar Ends (Low Profile or Weighted options)
  • Mirror Hole Block Off (Screw In Mirror Caps or BC Control Clamps)


Sold out


Sold out

Step by Step Installation Guide

Tools Needed:

    • 4mm Allen
    • 5mm Allen
    • 14mm Open Ended Wrench
    • Blue Loctite (optional)


Step 1: Remove Stock Mirrors

1a. Slide the rubber cover up and off the mirror boss and lock nut

1b. Use the 14mm wrench to loosen the lock nut and remove the mirror from the mirror boss. Repeat on opposite side.


Step 2: Remove Stock Bar Ends

Use the 4mm Allen to remove the fastener and bar end weight. Repeat on opposite side. The will expose the bar ends and ready them for mirror installation.


Step 3: Remove Stock Control Clamps

Use the 5mm Allen to remove the stock control clamps. Repeat on opposite side.


Step 4: Install British Customs Control Clamps

Use the 5mm Allen to secure the BC control clamps. Repeat on opposite side.


Step 5: Install CRG Bar End Mirrors

Use the 4mm Allen to secure the CRG Mirrors to the exposed bar end. Repeat on the opposite side.


Step 6: Install British Customs Bar Ends

Add blue loctite to bar end fasteners. Use the 4mm Allen to tighten. Repeat on the opposite side. Note: Ensure that the throttle turns freely.


Weekend Project Complete!


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or call us toll free at:

+1 (877) 999 BRIT



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  • Everto Magallon

    I too recently purchased a 2019 scrambler, and this kit looks great! However what kind of solution is there for the reservoir on the right handlebar?

  • Nick Rallis

    Hi there I just purchased a 2019 Triumph Street Twin and debating on whether to order these bar end mirrors from you. I have been hearing even from the dealer that for some reason or another that if I go with a bar end mirror on my model year 2019 I need a bar end FINISHER or it just wont work or fasten. Can you confirm this please and put it to rest for me. Do your mirrors 100 percent work with my model year?

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