Handmade Craftmanship

Combining precision production techniques with the style and finesse of a custom speed shop. Custom exhaust fabrication for a range of premium Exhaust upgrades exclusively for Triumph Modern Classics. 

What sets British Customs apart?

  • State of the art Exhaust Fabrication. Advanced welding and shaping techniques + quality materials

  • Premium Components. CNC Exhaust Flanges, Spring tensioners, Stainless hardware

  • Innovative Design. Model-specific, Bolt-on, Perfcore & Louvre baffles, Factory finish

All of our Exhausts are made here in the USA by our fabrication team. We do our best to design exhausts that compliment the bike, improve the sound of the exhaust, and reduce the overall weight of your Triumph.

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  • Beighau

    I have Triumph T100 injection, whith originals tulips exhausts,
    Can you give me disponibility & prices of this kit

  • Paul Edman

    My original pair or Shorty Predator Pro cans purchased in December 2018 (British Customs Order 10024256) cracked at the reverse cone end. Both my warranty replacements which you so kindly sent November 2019 (British Customs Order 10030907) have now cracked but not in the same place but at the weld where the cone is welded to the input tube. A welder has checked them out and feels that to tidy up the weld joint the welder has ground down the weld too thin and has inadvertently ground the weld away to make the finish look smooth. Maybe on your newer cans may I suggest that the weld is not ground down. I take it it is MIG or TIG welded. If so the welds do not look that bad to leave alone. Still love the sound. I have now put my original pipes back on. Hope this helps with quality control of Shorty Predator Pros in future. Kind regards
    Paul Edman

  • Ken Neighbers

    I’ve ordered the second set of exhaust from you that will be here tomorrow. Can you send some stickers so I can advertise your products?

  • James Biggs

    I put the shotgun exhausts on my Street Scrambler. The sound is amazing. Best purchase ever.

  • Frank Scrivani

    I purchased the shorty mufflers and they sound awesome!!! Very satisfied with the sound the quality and and the fit.

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