Bonneville Speedmaster with Turn Outs

We've always been fans of Triumph's mid-size Cruisers. Their air cooled Speedmaster and America models were under appreciated but highly customizable. We did a few ourselves. When Triumph released the Bobber in 2017, we heard they had some more cruiser style bikes in the making. Flash forward to 2018 and we get the new Bonneville Speedmaster. Here is our first build on the platform.

Featured Upgrades:

Turn Out Performance Tips

  • Vintage flat track looks
  • Weigh 13 pounds less than stock mufflers
  • Made from quality 304 stainless steel
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Made in USA



  • Tom Mangan

    Is there any way to hear the pipes before purchasing?

  • Fardeel

    Please acknowledge me if any custom of Triumph speedmaster 2018

  • Paul Barron

    Hope you continue to offer more parts and custom builds on this model. Purchased my 2018 Speedmaster last July. Looking forward to changing it up a bit.

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