Beach Sled V2

The 2nd iteration of Chippa Wilson's bike, the Beach Sled which has a different tank and some baggage options

Featured Upgrades:

Slash Cut TT Exhaust System

  • Designed with legendary racer Sonny Nutter
  • Increased power and performance
  • Lighter weight over stock pipes
  • Precision-machined header barrels
  • Louvered core baffle for back pressure
  • TIG welded, with all welds left exposed for that raw, aggressive look


Air Box Removal Kit

  • Increased air flow means more horsepower
  • Improved throttle response
  • Two high flow washable K&N filters
  • All necessary hardware for stock reinstallation included


Additional Upgrades:


  • sean Simmons

    How can I get this seat/mudguard combo?

  • Mark Gerry

    The Beach Sled is a great looking bike. Can you tell me where you got your rear fender. I’m looking for one like that for my build.
    Thanks, Mark

  • Stuart Outred

    RE – Beach Sled V2.

    Could I ask where to purchase the front and rear fenders and the front headlight that was used for this build please.

    Wanting to do something a little different to my 2015 efi t100 bonneville

    Regards Stuart

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